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Dr. Wiggins' Wonderous World of Paper

Experience Design

D&AD New Bloods and Arjo Wiggins challenged us to create an experience that celebrates the creative possibilities of paper for design. Dr. Wiggins' Wonderous World of Paper is a traveling medicine show for agencies offering a cure for the illness of digital dependence.

Co-Designers: Kate Gallihugh, Hannah West


Awarded a D&AD New Blood 2018 Wooden Pencil


Workshops held inside a traveling paper truck offer lessons on a variety of tactile techniques from stamping to letterpress. All workshops feature the Arjo Wiggins paper line, Conqueror, and are promoted by posters.


Along with any skills learned, creatives will receive their medication in the form of a box containing a “prescription pad” of paper samples. The paper samples highlight how different printing techniques interact with different types of paper. 


new blood pencil


We created a fundraising campaign to pay our way to the London New Blood Award Ceremony where we collected our pencil.